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YATES (Edmund, 1831-1894, Founder, with Grenville Murray, of the successful Society Weekly 'The World', which in 1884 libelled Lord Lonsdale)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Dick', inviting him for the weekend, 1 side 8vo., The Temple, Goring, Oxfordshire, 18th June

Item Date:  1878
Stock No:  13565      £15

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YATES (Edmund, 1831-1894, Novelist and founder of the society weekly 'The World')

Autograph letter signed to 'My dear Adams', saying "You had not arrived when I was in the Club yesterday. We are still unsettled here but shall be very glad to see you", 1 side 7" x 4½", 2 Eaton Gardens, West Brighton, 3rd February a few brown marks in blank portions

Item Date:  1889
Stock No:  54201      £75

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YATES (Edmund, 1831-1894, Novelist & Founder of 'The World')

Fine signature from Autograph Letter Signed

Item Date:  0
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YEATS (William Butler, 1865-1939, Irish Poet & Dramatist)

Excellent Autograph letter to to Mrs Reilly, wife of Sir Charles Herbert Reilly, (1874-1948, architect and teacher, Head of the Liverpool School of Architecture) telling her that "Mrs Reynolds has written to me about the fur rug & I have asked her to send it to me here, unless you have sent for it … I hoped to be able to come by Liverpool but it proved to be impossible … I hate fastening up a parcel and any kind of a rug must be harder than most parcels …", 1 side 8vo., Nassau Hotel, Dublin altered from Coole Park, Co Galway headed paper, 18th November no year

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  38297      £1500

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YONGE (Charlotte M., 1823-1901, Novelist)

Fine Long Autograph Letter Signed to "My dear Lottie" saying how glad she is that she is "enjoying Scotland ... I suppose you are having no end of grouse shooting as I see by the paper that there are more shooters and more grouse than ever. Even Major Scarlett is, I believe, gone for a fortnight away from his battery at Christ Church, though the War Office are said to be anxious about the Black Fleet which the French are supposed to be preparing for November ...", she then talks about architecture, saying she believes "Scottish Architecture ... curiously like French, I have seen sets of engravings of Churches and houses, or castles ... is Dunrobin old, I don't think it is very historical ... We have our school feast this afternoon at the Grange and after many alarms it is turning out a very fine day. Frances and Helen are coming to stay ... then they go to Algeria for Christmas ... if you have any time before taking possession of your work in London, I would be very glad of a visit from you ... I shall be quite alone and it would be very nice to have you if you can be spared ..." she comments that she is "glad Cordner (?) is executed, I was much afraid that Lord Roberts would let him off. That David Oliphant who was killed in the bombardment of the Legations was a nephew of Dr Mansfield, Georgina Halliday's husband, who is in Africa. If he has to stay there she hopes to go out to him. The Chinese confound all missionaries together, I do not think the Church and either Society have touched politics at all, but the R.C.s certainly have ...", she ends with a comment that she doesn't "know many people beyond Winchester ...", 4 sides 8vo., Elderfield, Winchester, 25th August traces of mounting on conjugate blank

Item Date:  1900
Stock No:  40096      £475

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