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YATES (Edmund, 1831-1894, Novelist & Founder of 'The World')

Fine signature from Autograph Letter Signed

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YATES (Edmund, 1831-1894, Founder, with Grenville Murray, of the successful Society Weekly 'The World', which in 1884 libelled Lord Lonsdale)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Dick', inviting him for the weekend, 1 side 8vo., The Temple, Goring, Oxfordshire, 18th June

Item Date:  1878
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YATES (Edmund, 1831-1894, Novelist and founder of the society weekly 'The World')

Autograph letter signed to 'My dear Adams', saying "You had not arrived when I was in the Club yesterday. We are still unsettled here but shall be very glad to see you", 1 side 7" x 4½", 2 Eaton Gardens, West Brighton, 3rd February a few brown marks in blank portions

Item Date:  1889
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YATES (Dornford, pseudonym of Cecil William Mercer, 1885-1960, Novelist)

Typed Letter Signed to Mr Mawson on H.M.S. Bicester saying that his letter had given him "great pleasure. To know that my books will stand reading more than once is as much as any many can ask. It has been a great privilege to record the spirit and manners of a class 'in their habi,t as they lived' - a class which is almost extinct, which, I shall always believe, was of value to the community. Of course they had their faults: but the 'knew behaviour'. I am so glad you that fallen again for THE STOLEN MARCH. It was always a favourite of mine ...", 1 side 4to., with original typed envelope, Umtali, Southern Rhodesia headed paper, 28th December

Item Date:  1949
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YEATS (William Butler, 1865-1939, Irish Poet & Dramatist)

Excellent Autograph letter to to Mrs Reilly, wife of Sir Charles Herbert Reilly, (1874-1948, architect and teacher, Head of the Liverpool School of Architecture) telling her that "Mrs Reynolds has written to me about the fur rug & I have asked her to send it to me here, unless you have sent for it … I hoped to be able to come by Liverpool but it proved to be impossible … I hate fastening up a parcel and any kind of a rug must be harder than most parcels …", 1 side 8vo., Nassau Hotel, Dublin altered from Coole Park, Co Galway headed paper, 18th November no year

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