AGATE (James Evershed, 1877-1947, Author and Drama Critic)

2 Autograph Letter Signed 'J.A.' and 1 Typed Letter Signed 'J.A.' to George Richards, saying "That was an enchanting letter about the accouchement. It will go into 'Ego 8'. What nonsense! It has already gone!! And now, please, no more about Bluebell for quite a time. I loathe cats! ... I have just spent the week-end with a cat-lover ... Give me squirrels or pandars [sic] or anything rather than those utterly selfish masters and mistresses of deceit & guile" (29th May 1945), "Can't understand your telegram. I am not an authority on da Vinci. If 'Ceracolo' is wrong what is right? I am quoting a retired Colonel who is quoting the Duchess of Sermoneta who is quoting Viardot ... If you know the right name, say so. If not shut up, like the nice witty fellow you are!!!!" (7th November 1945), "I gave 'The Archers' permission. I don't want this to bring about the end of a friendship, but could there be a little less about [the cat] Bluebell ... just as I have no doubt horses bore you. Did I write dithyrambically last week to tell you how Lady Viking dropped a beautiful filly foal ... which had to be destroyed?", listing his ailments, "I ... really can't risk an attack of Pussyitis" (27th May 1947), in all 3 sides 8vo. and 1 side 4to., Queen Alexandra Mansions, Grape Street, W.C.2., 29th May 1945-27th May

Agate, Film Critic to 'The Tatler', Literary Critic to 'The Daily Express' and Drama Critic to 'The Sunday Times' from 1923 to his death, was known for his acerbic wit. His autobiography, 'Ego 1' ... 'Ego 9' was published 1935-1948. The morning after a dinner party, he would happily send a fellow-guest a typescript of their conversation, with a request for corrections, as printer's copy.

Item Date:  1947

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