THE ROYAL FAMILIES OF RUSSIA, DENMARK & ENGLAND [ALEXANDER III (1845-1894, Emperor of Russia from 1881)]

Exceptional unsigned photo published by Jongh Freres showing the Imperial family, the image includes Tsar ALEXANDER III, (1845-1894) Empress MARIE, (1847-1928) Grand Duchess XENIA of Russia, (1875-1960) Grand Duke MICHAEL (1878-1918) and Grand Duchess OLGA of Russia (1882-1916) Grand Dukes VLADIMIR, (1847-1909), PAUL (1857-1919), DIMITRI (1891-1942), Queen OLGA of Greece, (1854-1926), Grand Duchess CONSTANTINE (1830-1911), and also the future Tsar NICHOLAS II, (1868-1918) Grand Duke SERGE MIKHAILOVITCH, (1866-1918) Grand Duchesses CONSTANTINE, (1830-1911), & VLADIMIR (1854-1920), surrounded by their entourage, 9" x 6½", with photographer's stamp, no date, no date, c.

A famous portrait taken in 1893 of Tsar Alexander III and his family at Tsarskoe Selo.

Item Date:  1893

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