LAWRENCE (David Herbert, 1885-1930, Poet, Novelist and Essayist)

Autograph letter signed with initials to Else (Jaffe Richthofen, his sister-in-law) hoping the letter will find her in Baden, "here the sun is too hot, makes one tired, & feels like earthquakes. Still it is beautiful", referring to roses on his table and some kirsch drunk from little yellow glasses with Wilkinson's saying that he is much better and eats more joyfully, "I am already doing a story, and dabbing at my picture of five negresses - called The Finding of Moses", saying that he has had a letter from Curtis Brown saying that his contract with Kippenberg will come to an end and then he'll be able to find a different publisher, and that Kip had said that he would agree for Else to do the translations, that he has written to Kippenberg asking what exactly he intends to do with regard to his work and hoping that she will be able to translate "The Plumed Serpent" [1926], the last line and initials written vertically up the fore-margin of side 2, a little spotting, two sides, 4to, Villa Mirenda, Scandicci, Florence, 28th October

In 1922 he travelled in the United States and in Mexico, and settled on a small mountain ranch near Taos, New Mexico. He wrote about his time there in his novels The Plumed Serpent (1926) and in Mornings in Mexico (1927). In 1925 he was seriously ill with malaria, and nearly died which forced him to leave Mexico in October 1925 and settle near to Florence.
See The Letters of D.H. Lawrence, ed. Boulton, Vol. 6, pp. 198-199.

Item Date:  1927

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