THE CHILDREN OF KAISER WILHELM II IDENTIFIED BY THEIR MOTHER AUGUSTE VICTORIA (Empress, 1858-1921, first Wife of Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1859-1941) signing for her sons Prince AUGUST WILHELM (1887-1949, 4th son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, married his cousin Princess Alexandra Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein) and Prince OSKAR (1888-1958, 5th son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, married Countess Ina-Marie von Bassewitz)

Fine Imperial Cabinet Photograph by J. C. Schaarwächter, identified by their mother under the image and dated showing the young princes three quarters length standing side by side wearing their military uniform with medals and swords, 8½" x 5¼", no place, (Berlin)

Given to Ethel Howard, governess, 1895-1898, to the Kaiser's sons.
Miss Howard was greatly loved by the Empress, her ladies and the boys, but despite her enjoyment of the work the constant strain of royal protocol, extra duty and no holidays took its toll and she left after two and a half years in their service. The Empress, her ladies and the boys kept in touch for several years. See Miss Howard's 'Potsdam Princes' (London and New York, 1916).

Item Date:  1903

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