AUTOGRAPH QUOTE FROM 'STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER' SOUSA (John Philip, 1854-1932, American Composer), MARCONI (Guglielmo, 1874-1937, Wireless Pioneer), KREISLER(Fritz, 1875-1962, Austrian-born Violinist), TERRY (Dame Ellen, 1848-1928, Actress), RONALD (Sir Landon, 1873-1938, Conductor and Principal of the Guildhall School of Music), PADEREWSKI (Ignace Jan, 1860-1941, Polish Pianist and Composer, Prime Minister of Poland, 1919), HERKOMER(Sir Hubert von, 1849-1914, Portrait Painter), HAMBOURG (Mark, 1879-1960, Pianist), GROSSMITH (George, senior, 1847-1912, from 1877 leading Savoy Opera Star, the Original 'Ko-Ko' and 'Lord Chancellor')

Fine Pair of leaves from an Autograph Album, compiled by Edith Wooster Carlisle (1886/7-1953, daughter of shipbuilder Alexander Montgomery Carlisle), with signatures as above, several with Autograph Musical Quotations, notably the opening of the famous middle tune of Sousa's The Stars and Stripes Forever. and also of other musicians, young or in their 20s (Side 1), Edith has then mounted snapshots of a trip to Killarney, with a verse "By Killarney's lakes and fells ...." and its opening melody, signed by her, her mother and several friends (Side 2), and snapshots of a holiday in Portugal and Algiers (Side 3), 18 in all, the leaves conclude with a large musical 'trophy' finely executed in watercolour, and, appropriately, Shelley's 'Music when soft voices die / Vibrates in the memory' artistically lettered and surrounded by further names, in all 32 signatures and 8 musical quotations, 4 sides 12" x 16", 1902-1904, 1918, 1927 and

Edith Wooster Carlisle was the elder daughter of Alexander Montgomery Carlisle, (1854-1926, Privy Councillor. Ireland), Chairman of the Managing Directors of Harland & Wolff, and of American-born Edith Wooster. They had homes at Elmwood (Belfast) and at 12 Hyde Park Place (London). Her father was responsible for many features of the Olympic class liners. For the Titanic he had designed special davits for 32 life-boats, reduced by the owners to the Board of Trade minimum of 16 after he had resigned in 1910. He was a great admirer of German shipbuilding, and Edith married Baron Friedrich von Versen, aide-de-camp to Wilhelm II. When WWI broke out she was in England and was re-naturalized British, followed by her children after the war, but she retained her Baroness title.
On Side 1 see also:
Alberto Santos-Dumont,
(1873-1932, Brazilian Aviation Pioneer), 1st June 1902. The year before he had built an airship and flown it round the Eiffel Tower, and in 1903 he built the world's first airship station at Neuilly.
Jaroslav Kocian, (1883-1950, Czech Violinist & Composer) 8th March 1902. The opening 5 bars of a 'Dumka', one of his earliest compositions (1901), Andante sentimentale in D flat, 3/4 time.
Helena Paderewska, (1856-1934, 2nd wife of the pianist).
Emilia Conti, (Italian mezzo-soprano), who sang in the 'Proms', 1905-1919, and later broadcast.
David Bispham, (1857-1921, American Baritone), signing as Edith's "mother's friend".
Paula Hegner, (b. 1889/90, Viennese Pianist), who made her debut at St James's Hall in May 1904, aged 14. Paula became Elena Gerhardt's devoted accompanist.
Felix Weingartner, (1863-1942, Austrian Conductor, Composer & Pianist), and (Side 4) his 4th wife (1922), the actress Roxo Betty [Kalisch].
George Grossmith adds the musical quotation "You should see me dance the Polka! (with Edith)".
Rosa Spier, (1891-1967, Dutch Harpist). 19th June 1927.
Fritz Kreisler,. 2 bars in one sharp, 2/2. 1903.
Harriet Kreisler, his wife. 1903.
Louise Ormsby, (b. 1875, American Soprano).
Nadia Benoit, (1896-1974, the Painter and Ballet Set-Designer, mother of Peter Ustinov). 1936.
Mark Hambourg, 2-bar quotation.
Kelley Cole (the young American Tenor, who had been studying in Berlin and was about to make his first American tour). 10th May 1903.

On Side 2 see also:
Maurice A. Coates,
(1873-1935, Engineer in his father's firm of steam engineers and shipbuilders at Lagan, near Belfast). 1904.

On Side 4 see also:
A. de Trabadel,
musical quotation 'Dans le jardin bat[t]u de pluie'. London. 5th June 1904.
Louis Arens, (1867-1950). Sang in the 'Proms' on three occasions in October 1903. "Accept my innocent regards" in Russian. 10th May 1903.
Sir Landon Ronald.. 'An April Birthday', 1 bar in A flat, 'April! April!'. June 1904.
Raimund von Zur Mühlen, (Baron, 1854-1931, Livonian-born Tenor and Lieder Singer). 'My God!'. 17th May 1918.
Joseph Hollman, (1852-1927, Dutch Cellist). Andante, 5 bars in D minor, tenor clef. 12th June 1904.
Suzanne Adams-Stern, (1872-1953, American Coloratura Soprano).

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