ANNE (1665-1714, Queen of Great Britain & Ireland)

Fine document signed as Queen at the head addressed to our "Trusty and Welbeloved Edward Nicholas" concerning the "Annuall Sums which were lately paid and payable by Spencer Compton Esqr to divers persons as of Our Royall Bounty according to Our Establishment Warrants and Directions ... You shall receive and enjoy the like allowance or Salary of Four hundred pounds pr ann as was payable to the said Spencer Compton, Our will and pleasure therefore is, and We do hereby direct and authorise you out of such money as is or shall be impressed to you at the said Receipt of Our Exchequer to Receive deleyne and take to your own use the said allowance or Salary of Four hundred pounds a year ... from which time the Salary of the said Spencer Compton is to cease and determine. And this shall be as well to you for do doing ..." 1 side folio, Court at Windsor Castle, 13th August

Edward Nicholas was appointed treasurer to Mary II in April 1693. After the Queen's death in 1694 he continued to pay pensions to her former servants and new pensions granted by the Crown. On 26th June 1703 he was formally appointed Paymaster of the Queen's Private Pensions and Bounties. In particular he was paymaster for Queen Anne's Bounty, the fund established by her in 1704 which, till 1947, supplemented poor livings and missionary posts.
The Hon. Spencer COMPTON (c. 1673-1743, later 1st Earl of Wilmington and Walpole's successor as Prime Minister) held the post from 26th April 1707 but vacated it to take a seat in Parliament, and Nicholas, reappointed on 8th August 1713, held the post again till 1715. The office of 'Paymaster of Pensions' was abolished in 1782.

Item Date:  1713

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