THE ROMANOFF FAMILY IN 1892 [ALEXANDER III (1845-1894, Emperor of Russia from 1881) & his wife MARIE FEODOROVNA (Princess Marie Dagmar, 1847-1928, sister of Queen Alexandra of Britain) with their children and relatives]

Extraordinary group photo by de Jongh Frères of Paris showing twenty five members of the Romanoff family standing and seated together, the image shows the Emperor and Empress with daughters Grand Duchess XENIA (1875-1960), Grand Duchess OLGA (1882-1950) and their sons NICHOLAS II (1868-1918) and Grand Duke MICHAEL ALEXANDROVITCH (1878-1918), together with GRAND DUKES MICHAEL NICHOLIEVITCH (1832-1909), PAUL ALEXANDROVITCH (1860-1919), CONSTANTIN CONSTANTINOVITCH (1858-1915), SERGE MIKHAILOVITCH (1869-1918), NICHOLAS NICOLAIEVITCH (1856-1929), VLADIMIR ALEXANDROVITCH (1847-1909), DIMITRI CONSTANTINOVITCH (1860-1919), ALEXIS MICHAELOVITCH (1875-1895), ANDRÈ VLADIMIROVITCH (1879-1956) and BORIS VLADIMIROVITCH (1877-1943) with GRAND DUCHESSES MARIE PAVLOVNA (1854-1920), HÉLÈNE VLADIMIROVITCH (1882-1957) and ALEXANDRA JOSSSIFORNA (1830-1911), with DUKES MICHAEL GREGORIVITCH de Mecklenburg Strèlitz (1863-1934), GEORGES GREGORIVITCH de Mecklenburg (1859-1909) and ALEXANDER D'OLDENBURG (1844-1932) together with PRINCES PETER D'OLDENBURG (1868-1924) & GEORGE ROMANOVSKY (1852-1912) and OLGA (1851-1926, Queen of Greece who later married Prince Peter D'Oldenburg), the men are standing at the back with the women seated with the Emperor and the children are seated cross legged on the ground at the front, 9" x 7" in original mount 13½" x 11", Tsarskoe Selo,

Alexander III succeeded his father after his assassination in 1881. In 1866 he married Princess Marie Dagmarof Denmark who became known as Maria Feodorovna. She had originally been engaged to Alexander's elder brother Nicholas, but changed suitors on his death in 1865. The precedent was followed by her nephew George V. They ascended to the Imperial throne in 1881.

Item Date:  1892

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