BESSEMER (Sir Henry, 1813-1898, Engineer and Inventor)

Autograph Formal Letter to the Council of the Society of Engineers regretting that he is "unable to accept their kind invitation to dine on the 13th inst ...", 1 side 8vo., 165 Denmark Hill, Surrey headed paper, 1st December

In 1856 Sir Henry patented an economical process by which molten pig-iron disturbed by a current of air is turned directly into steel. His paper on this process was read at a meeting of the British Association that year. In 1859 he established steel works at Sheffield manufacturing steel rails. He was one of the founders of the Iron and Steel Institute in 1868 and its president 1871-1873. The Bessemer process was introduced into the United States and developed by Alexander L. Holley, 1867-1870. He established Sheffield as a major industrial centre.

Item Date:  1893

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