BAL DE L'ASSOCIATION DES ARTISTES BERLIOZ (Hector, 1803-1869, French Composer), Baron Isidore TAYLOR (1789-1879, Belgian-born French playwright and philanthropist), Pierre ZIMMERMAN (1785-1853, French pianist, pedagogue and composer), Achille COMTE(1802-1866, French doctor, zoologist and physiologist), Francois Edouard PICOT (1786-1868, French Neo-Classical painter), Jean-Delphin ALARD (1815-1888, French violinist), Paul LACROIX (1806-1884, French scholar), Jean-Baptiste-Joseph TOLBECQUE(1797-1869, Belgian violinist, conductor and composer), Achille JUBINAL (1810-1875, French politician), Fromental HALEVY (1799-1862, French composer), Adolphe ADAM (1803-1856, French composer of the ballet Giselle), Emmanuel GONZALES(1815-1887, French novelist and playwright) and Charles-Marie BOUTON (1781-1853, French Painter)

Clerk written Letter in French Signed by Berlioz and many others addressed to "Monsieur" saying that "Wishing to come to the assistance of honourable unfortunate people, the three associations of artists, painters, sculptors, engravers, architects and illustrators, musicians and men of letters, each of them hosting a yearly ball in aid of their relief fund, met today to arrange a gala that will take place on the 3rd February in the Jardin d'Hiver; would you please accept the role of ball commissioner, and join your efforts with ours to make the event more successful. Please accept the assurance of our consideration ...", 1 side folioo n the printed stationery of the Comite de l'Association du Artistes, Paris, 22nd January

A remarkable collection of signatures of eminent Artists in many fields.

Item Date:  1849

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