SMILES (Samuel, 1812-1904, social reformer, author of 'Self-Help' and 'Lives of the Engineers')

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Theodore MARTIN (1816-1909, Scottish Poet, Biographer and Translator) saying that he is "now writing out the life of James Nasmyth, Inventor of the Steam Hammer, as a sort of conclusion to my Lives of the Engineers. I am going to efface myself and write it out, from beginning to end, as an Autobiography. He has furnished me with all his notes which require a great deal of re-writing. I found in your admirable Life of the Prince Consort, a description of Nasmyths appearance at Worsley Hall ... He showed to Her Majesty and Prince Albert his Map and Drawings of the moon. I intend to quote this. But is there anything else in Her Majesty's Diary that might be given? I suspect not, as the Diary may still be private . But I thought I might mention the matter to you. I know you are in Italy at present, but I shall be glad to hear from you on your return ...", 2 sides 8vo., 8 Pembroke Gardens, Kensington, 27th February

Martin is probably best known for his Life of the Prince Consort(1874–80), the writing of which was entrusted to him by Queen Victoria, a work which won him her lifelong friendship.
James NASMYTH (1808-1890) was a Scottish Engineer, Philosopher, Artist and Inventor, famous for his development of the Steam Hammer.

Item Date:  1882

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