COBHAM (Sir Alan J., 1894-1973, Aviator)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed in full to Sir George ROBEY (1869-1954, Music Hall Comedian) telling. him that he has “received the cheque for £100 that you asked Mr Morgan to forward to me. I hardly know how to thank you for so great a kindness. After all that you had done, in entering the aeroplane for the Kings Cup, it was a kindness that I had never anticipated, & I thank you not only for the cheque, but your absolute true sportsmanship. I have just returned from Gothenburg in Sweden, where there has been a great International Flying exhibition & contests. I was successful in winning the traffic aeroplane contest, running between Gothenburg and Copenhagen for 5 days carrying the greatest load at teh fastest speed with the lowest fuel consumption. The prize was 15,000 crowns & a Gold Cup presented by the Crown Prince of Sweden. Incidentally, I took the Crown Prince’s two sons on their first flight accompanied by Sir Samuel Hoare & Admiral Mark Kerr. I did all this with the new type DH50 machine. In Sweden, in fact everywhere of late, I find that I am generally known to people as ‘Sir George Robey’s Pilot’ so I feel sure that the Kings Cup event ‘sunk in’. I hope it will not be the last time I shall be in your service...”, 2 sides 4to., 67a Golder’s Green Road, NW11 but on Stage Lane Aerodrome headed paper, 21st August

Item Date:  1923

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