HARDIE (J. Keir, 1856-1915, Scottish Politician, Founder of the Labour Party), William CROOKS (‘Will’, 1852-1921, Noted Trade Unionist and Politician, member of the Fabian Society), George N. BARNES (1859-1940, Labour Politician, Leader of the Party in 1910-1911), George LANSBURY (1859-1940, Labour Politician, Leader of the Party 1932-35) and Sir James O’GRADY (1866-1934, Labour Politician, 1st Colonial Governor appointed from their own ranks)

Collection of signatures on a page, Hardie has added place and they have all dated their signatures, 6” x 4”, “Terrace, House of Commons”, 27th June

After resigning the leadership of the party in 1908, Hardie devoted himself to campaigning for votes for women and developing a closer relationship with Sylvia Pankhurst. His secretary Margaret Symons Travers was the first woman to speak in the Houses of Parliament when she tricked her way in on 13th October 1908.

Item Date:  1912

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