WORSLEY (Frank A., Captain on Shackleton’s Voyage of the Endurance, a New Zealander, ran away to sea at 16, navigated Shackleton’s lifeboat the James Caird across 800 miles of dangerous seas to South Georgia Island)

Autograph Note Signed listing some of his voyages “S.Y. ‘Endurance’ 1914-16, ‘Quest’ R.Y.S. 1921-22 - Antarctic, Brigantine ‘Island’ 1925 - Arctic...” on a card, 4½” x 3½”, no place, no date

Worsley was a New Zealand sailor and explorer who served on Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914–1916, as captain of Endurance. After the expedition's ship Endurance was trapped in pack ice and wrecked, he and the rest of the crew sailed three lifeboats to Elephant Island, off the Antarctic Peninsula. From there, Worsley, Shackleton and four others sailed the 6.9m lifeboat James Caird 800 miles) across the stormy South Atlantic Ocean to their intended destination, South Georgia. Worsley's navigation skills were crucial to the safe arrival of the James Caird. Shackleton, Worsley and seaman Tom Crean then trekked for 36 hours through snow, ice and mountains to fetch help from Stromness whaling station. In August, Worsley and Shackleton returned to Elephant Island aboard the Yelcho, a Chilean naval ship, to rescue the remaining members of the expedition, all of whom survived.

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