ALEXANDRA FEODOROVNA (1872-1918, the Tsarina of Nicholas II of Russia) with daughters OLGA (1895-1918, Grand Duchess) and TATIANA (1897-1918)

Beautiful original unsigned Russian Cabinet Photo showing the young Empress seated with her two eldest children OLGA (1895-1918) and TATIANA (1897-1918), she is seated with the baby on her lap and her daughter standing beside her, trimmed to 4½” x 4½”, no place, no date, circa

From the collection of Tsar Nicholas II’s nephew, Prince Feodor Romanov (1898-1968), the Tsar’s nephew, and passed down through the family.
This photo was a personal photograph and there is one in the Royal Collection that was sent to Queen Victoria and one in the archives of St Petersburg. It is a very rare image. Tsar Nicholas wrote in his diary on 10th June “Tsarskoe Selo, The second bright happy day in our family life: at 10.40 in the morning the Lord blessed us with a daughter – Tatiana. Poor Alix suffered all night without shutting her eyes for a moment, and at 8 o’clock went downstairs to Amama’s bedroom. Thank God this time it all went quickly and safely, and I did not feel nervously exhausted. Towards one o’clock the little one was bathed and Yanyshev read some prayers. Mama arrived with Xenia; we lunched together. At four o’clock there was a Te Deum. Tatiana weighs 8 3/4 pounds and is 54 centimetres long. Our eldest is very funny with her. Read and wrote telegrams...”

Item Date:  1897

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