AMUNDSEN AT THE SOUTH POLE [AMUNDSEN (Roald, 1872-1928, Norwegian explorer, the first man to reach the South Pole) with his fellow Explorers Helmer Julis HANSSEN (1870-1956, Norwegian Sailor, Pilot and Polar Explorer), Sverre Helge HASSEL (1876-1928, Norwegian Polar Explorer), and Oscar Adolf WISTING (1871-1936, Norwegian Naval Officer and Polar Exporer, together with Amundsen he was the first person to reach both the North and South Poles)]

Original Unsigned Photograph taken from the original negative showing the four men standing in the snow next to their tent with the flag on the top, annotated in pencil on the verso “Print enlarged from the original negative taken on the pole. Amundsen at the South Pole..”, 6” x 3½”, South Pole,

The first ever expedition to reach the Geographic South Pole was led by Amundsen. He and four others arrived at the pole on 14th December 1911, five weeks ahead of a British party led by Robert Falcon Scott as part of the Terra Nova Expedition. Amundsen and his team returned safely to their base, and later heard that Scott and his four companions had died on their return journey.

Item Date:  1911

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