Album of drawings, verses, autograph musical quotations, and thoughts, including 2 skilful and attractive pen and ink drawings, signed E.J. Ellis, showing a tall mother and three young daughters visiting a farm (5th June 1868), the mother hands a puppy down to the youngest, the farmer and his cows are in the yard behind, in the second are the mother and a daughter whose stick the dog has just seized, two horses across the stream are coming to investigate (Christmas 1868), the album opens with verses in German on friendship signed C.M., (October 1866), and includes in Italian 'alla Signora Maria Casella' (apparently the album's owner), lines wishing the writer Emilio Naudin were a poet to sing her praises, among the other entries in French and Italian is an AMQS by Jules Lasserre (who was principal 'cellist at Her Majesty's Theatre) of his (new) 'Berceuse pour Violoncelle' (5 bars in B flat major, 1871), brown morocco, gilt edges, upper cover with a pattern of large and small diamonds in gold and black, together 9 entries on 9 sides stout card (versos and remaining 24 leaves blank), 9½" x 7½", n.p. and London, 1866 - binding rubbed mainly at spine and edges, joints starting but firm

Item Date:  1871

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