BOWRING (Sir John, 1792-1872, M.P., F.R.S., Linguist, Governor and Ambassador, opened up trade with King Mongkut of Siam, favourite pupil of Jeremy Bentham)

Autograph letter signed to 'Dr Sir', saying "I mentioned to Dr Mackay that in the Vol: of [Alexander] Somerville lately published 'Whistler at the Plough' there is a biographical notice of me which is tolerably correct ... Ever yours truly", 1 side 6" x 4½", The Athenaeum, no date, circa left blank margin a trifle uneven, traces of laying down by corners on blank verso

Soimerville's sketches of agricultural life, Manchester, 1852, were continued in two further volumes as 'Free Trade & the League: a Biographic History of the Pioneers of Freedom, of Opinion, Commercial Enterprise, & Civilisation, 1853. The excellent account of Bowring up to his appointment as consul in Hong Kong is in the last of these volumes, pp. 417-426. It describes many scenes of the anti-Corn Law agitation, and the enthusiasm for Bowring in the Isle of Man, where in a short space of time he overturned the monopolists' grip on economic life.

Item Date:  1853

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