[CLIVE (Baron Robert, 1725-1774, Governor of Bengal, 'Clive of India', Major General)]

Large Indenture signed "Clive" in the hand of his proxy Caleb Powell of Dublin, on behalf of "Robert, Lord Clive, Baron Clive of Plassey in the Kingdom of Ireland", with "John Singleton of Ballygarreen," (Ballygirreen House, Newmarket-on-Fergus, County Clare), renewing the lease of 508 acres 1 rood at Ballyards [probably later Ballard] barony of Ibricken, for three lives, on the terms originally granted in 1712 by Henry, Earl of Thomond (Henry O'Brien, 1688-1741, the largest landowner in County Clare, from 1691 8th Earl), to Thomas Dalton of Ballycahane in the County of Limerick, at an annual rent of £45 [line 59], net of all taxes, with at Michaelmas, "two hoggs two muttons and four capons", or £1 15s at Lord Clive's choice [62-63], Lord Clive reserving the right to take standing timber, minerals other than in "houses and orchards and gardens", all rights respecting "waifs, strays, deodands, felons, fugitives, goods treasure trove" and "free liberty to hunt, hawk, fish & fowl ... at all proper seasons" [50-55], also, on the death of each principal tenant "an heriott that is to say the principal beast on the Premisses or £5 in lieu", together with 6d in the £ of any money rent "in lieu of Receivers fees" [64-66], John Singleton must keep all "in good tenantable repair" [80], and supply "as often as occasion shall require for the preservation of the publick peace and Protestant Interest ... a Man of the Protestant Religion ... furnished with a horse sword and case of Pistolls" for "one whole month ... to serve ... Lord Clive ... in the service of His Majesty" [81-84], Singleton must perform "Suit and Service" as necessary "at the Court Leet and Court Baron of ... Percy Earl of Thomond ... for the mannor of Moygle" [69-70], in return Lord Clive, at the next death, covenants to renew the lease on the same terms with the insertion of the name and abode of a third life, provided the name is unambiguous, and that any arrears are paid within six months of the death if in Ireland, or twelve months if abroad, otherwise the "right of Renewal ... shall ... be void" [85-108], "In Witness whereof Caleb Powell ... hath hereunto Subscribed the name & affixed the seal of the said Robert Lord Clive" [120-121], with Clive's armorial seal and Singleton's signature and seal, the deed is in a clear round hand, on single sides of two skins approximately 27½" x 33½" and one skin 14½" x 29", folding to approximately 8¾" x 9", no place, 28th Octiober dust soiling on outermost panels and occasional light staining, a few letters defective at crossings of folds, a few light creases without loss, chips just touching main field of Clive's seal, but otherwise in good condition

Caleb Powell's proxy signature 'Clive' is very close to Clive's actual handwriting. See e.g. Clive's letters to Warren Hastings in BL Additional MS 29131.
The lease is apparently renewable "for ever" (line 86) at the original rent, with a new name inserted at each death. In 1712 they were Dalton's son Michael and Edward (later of Deerpark), and John, son of Matthew McNemara of Limerick. In 1749, Norcott D'Esterre of Ralahine replaced McNemara, and now in 1769 John Singleton jr "aged about 13" replaces Michael Dalton. The latter had died on the 25th March 1763, so the sum paid includes 6 years' interest.
The Duke of Newcastle secured Clive an Irish Peerage, and Clive acquired a modest estate there which he renamed Plassey. The Singletons were related to the Daltons by marriage. The 8th Earl of Thomond died childless and his heir, his wife's nephew Percy Wyndham, was 1st of a new creation in 1756.

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