[OLGA ALEXANDROVNA (1882-1960, younger daughter of Alexander III, and her 2nd husband Colonel of Cavalry Nikolai KULIKOVSKY (1881-1958)]

Splendid Large unsigned Portrait Photograph, showing her standing full length, full face, eyes turned to the viewer's right, in a long dress beautifully embroidered in Russian style with patterns of spirals, above her forehead is a bar with five jewelled pendants, a rose in her left hand, her right rests on the studio mantelpiece holding a trailing ribbon from her dress, 21" x 13", no place, no date, circa

From her ring we believe this dates from shortly after her wedding to Duke Peter of Oldenburg (1868-1924). In April 1916, Nicholas II annulled his sister's 15-year marriage. In November that year, while serving as a nurse at Kiev, she married Colonel Nikolai Kulikovsky. When it became possible to leave Russia in 1920, Olga's mother Dagmar (Empress Marie Feodorovna) summoned her to Hvidore, where Olga for a time acted as her secretary. The couple then bought a farm which they worked to earn a living, supplemented by the sale of Olga's paintings. Olga was a focus of help for Russian emigrés, and also the target of imposters, including Anna Andersen, whom she quickly realized was not her niece. After the war they gave up the farm and took an opportunity to move to Canada, after spending time at Hampton Court with Olga's sister Xenia.

Item Date:  1901

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