NAPOLÉON (Prince, 1822-1891, 'Plon-Plon', son of King Jérôme Napoléon of Westphalia and from 1879 head of the Imperial House)

Printed Visiting Card 'Prince Napoléon' with the address altered in his hand from 12 rue de Phalsbourg [Paris], 2¼" x 3¾", staying at Hôtel de Londres, Place d'Espagne [Hotel di Londra, Piazza di Spagna, Rome], no date, circa

Prince Napoléon was the son of Napoléon I's brother Jérôme, King of Westphalia, and so cousin to Napoléon III and brother of Princesse Mathilde. He was a general in the Crimea, was in charge of the 1855 exhibition, and at court led the Liberal opposition to the Empress Eugénie. In 1859 he married a daughter of Victor Emmanuel II, and led the French forces into Tuscany, where the French had planned to make him ruler. However, with his liberal sympathies, he refused to exert pressure on the inhabitants, who preferred to join the Italian kingdom.

Item Date:  1885

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