MELBOURNE (William Lamb, 1779-1848, from 1829 2nd Viscount, Prime Minister 1834 & 1835-1839)

Autograph Letter Signed to Thomas Waters, jun. (Clerk of the Peace, Worcester), acknowledging receipt of his letter and "A Petition from Members of the Established Church praying for the Redress of Dissenters Grievances", and saying that he "has presented it", 1 side 4to, Downing Street, 9th March light red mark in blank lower right corner

A letter from 'the Age of Reform'.
The Sacramental Test Act had been repealed in 1828, but in 1833 a 'United Committee' of Dissenters had summarized the chief outstanding grievances. The most important were the compulsory use of the Anglican service for marriages; exaction of Church rates; and the alleged liability of places of worship to poor-rates. These were followed by the want of a legal registration of births and deaths, lack of right of burial by their own ministers in parish church-yards; the virtual exclusion from Oxford and Cambridge Universities; and the lack of a Charter for the non-denominational London University.

Item Date:  1836

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