Sophie Dupré is a dealer in autograph letters, manuscripts, signed photos and books and literary property.
She works from private premises by appointment or over the internet and has a large stock of nearly eleven thousand items in all fields, especially royalty and literature. Sophie Dupré has many framed presentation portraits of European royalty and other world leaders. She has a large collection of cabinet photographs dating from 1870 through 1920 featuring the leaders, celebrities, scientists, artists and writers of the time. Much more than autographs for sale Sophie Dupré's extensive collection is a fascinating window on history. 

This year marks Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday! She has been Great Britain's reigning monarch since 1953, the longest reigning monarch in British history! 

On this day in 1953 the film Roman Holiday was released. Audrey Hepburn had her first starring role in the film playing a European Princess who runs away to Rome.

In 1953 Peter Townsend, the Comptroller of The Queen Mother's household proposed to the young Princess Margaret who had turned 23 on 21st August but she was not allowed to mar


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