Superb Clerk Written Document signed at the head to "Our Right Trusty and Right Wellbeloved Cousin and Counsellor Richard Earle of Arran Our Deputy of Our Kingdome of Ireland and to Our Lieutenant, Deputy, or other Chief Governor or Governors thereof ..." telling him that "Whereas Mary formerly wife to William Sarsfield of Lucan in Our Kingdome of Ireland Esq, now Wife to William Fanshaw Esq hath by her humble Petition ... represented unto Us, that notwithstanding Our many favourable and gracious intentions, promises and Grants to her said late Husband ... for her sake, and in favour of her, and her Children by him, yet by some arts and practises which certain persons of that Our Kingdome have used in the time of his sickness or since her said Husband's death, she and her said Children by him do still continue without the effect of those Our gracious intentions towards them; And we being particularly informed by the said Petition that Sir Theophilus Jones doth still detaine a great part of the Estate of the said William Sarsfield,though he be fully (and as We are informed more than sufficiently) reprised for all that the said William Sarsfield's Estate in Our Kingdome of Ireland by a Grant or Grants of Concealed Lands in that Kingdome, which We made unto him ... in lieu of, & compensation for the Mannor of Lucan, and other the Estates of the said William Sarsfield, which Mannor and Estate should have been thereupon Surrendred by him ... We are therefore graciously pleased hereby to require and Authorize you to informe your Selfe by the best means you can concerning all the matters in the said Petition ... or others to the frustrating of Our said gracious intentions towards the said Mary and her Children ... And particularly whether the said Sir Theophilus Jones hath not past Letters Patents for Eight Hundred pounds a yeare Concealed Lands according to the valuations contained in Our Lieutenant and Councills Bookes of that Our Kingdome of Ireland ... and then to give Us a particular account of the whole state of that Affaire that We may thereupon give such Orders as shall be thought just and requisite ... as likewise all other favours and Advantages granted or intended to be granted to the said William Sarsfield, were Solely and Absolutely done by Us for the benefit and provision of the said Mary and Her Children ..." countersigned by Sir Leoline JENKINS (1623-1685, Diplomatist, Secretary of State), 3 sides folio, Court at Whitehall, "27th day of Feruary 1683/4 in the Six and Thirtieth yeare of Our Reigne",

Richard BUTLER, 1st Earl of Arran (1639-1686) was an Irish peer, Governor of Ireland from 1682-1684. Arran was made Lord Deputy of Ireland in April 1682 when his father, the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, went to England, and held the post until August 1684 when his father returned.
William TRUMBULL (1639-1716) was a Statesman who held high office as a member of the First Whig Junto. In 1683 he was appointed Judge Advocate of the Fleet by Lord Dartmouth, George Legge, in an expedition to evacuate the British colony at Tangier, where he was to act as commissioner for settling the leases of the houses between the King and the inhabitants. Samuel Pepys, who was also on the expedition, was unimpressed – "Strange to see how surprised and troubled Dr. Trumbull shows himself at this new work put on him of a judge-advocate; how he cons over the law-martial and what weak questions he asks me about it." Later Pepys calls him "a man of the meanest mind as to courage that ever was born." In 1684, Charles II considered Trumbull as a possible Secretary of State, but he was eventually offered the office of Secretary of War in Ireland, which he turned down.
William SARSFIELD (died 1675) was an Irish landowner of the seventeenth century. He was the elder brother of the Jacobite soldier Patrick Sarsfield. He married Mary Crofts, the daughter of Lucy Walter, a Welsh woman who had a youthful relationship with Charles II when he was living at the Hague. Charles was unmarried at the time, and claims were often made that a marriage ceremony had taken place, which led him to treat Lucy's children with particular care. Mary was the younger sister of James Scott, Duke of Monmouth, who also looked out for her after their mother died, but was more likely to have been a daughter of Theobald Taaffe. Sarsfield and Mary had three children, Charles, Charlotte and William (the first two were named after Charles II, who Mary maintained was their grandfather).
Sir Theophilus JONES, (circa 1606–1610-1685) was an Irish soldier and government official of Welsh descent. One of five sons born to Lewis Jones, Bishop of Killaloe in the Church of Ireland, he formed part of a close-knit and powerful Protestant family.

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