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NANSEN (Fridtjof, 1861-1930, Norwegian Arctic Explorer, Scientist & Diplomat, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1922)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to Major Robert Goodden saying that "this life is indeed a rush. I was left no rest at home, had to go on again and am now on my way to London. Thus I have been prevented from writing till now. Please accept my most hearty thanks for your hospitality and great kindness during my stay in Reval. The very pleasant days I spent with you form the bright restful spots in the memory of my Russian journey which I always shall be happy to remember. I sincerely hope that a favourable fate will grant me the privilege of meeting you again. There was no time for getting a photo ... but I sincerely hope to be back soon and then I will send it. Please remember me to the Consul Mr Lesley and to the other gentlemen ...", 2 sides 8vo., with original autograph envelope, S.S. Alexandra Woermann, 25th July

Item Date:  1920
Stock No:  39869      £750

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[NAPOLEON III (Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, 1808-1873, Emperor of the French, Nephew of Napoleon I)

Fine unsigned carte de visite photo showing him head and shoulders in an oval, 4" x 2½", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  39971      £75

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[NASER-AL-DIN (1831-1896, Shah of Persia, 4th Ruler of the Qajar Dynasty, ascended the Peacock Throne in 1848 at the age of eighteen and ruled as Shah-in-Shah until he was assassinated)

Unsigned carte-de-visite by Bacard Fils, showing him half length, seated, wearing a uniform studded with diamonds from the treasury of the Persian emperors, often he wore the famous square Darya-ye Noor, he has a ceremonial sword over his lap, 4" x 2½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1873
Stock No:  39969      £175

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NICOLSON (Sir Harold, 1886-1968, Diplomatist, Author & Critic, husband of Vita SACKVILLE-WEST)

Typed letter signed to Dr Madol apologising for "not having been able to put you in touch with Malcolm MacDonald. I failed to catch him in the House of Commons after our interview; and on the following day both he and I left for the country. I am very grateful indeed for the enclosed article and can only express my admiration for the accuracy and fairness which you have shown. There are only two suggestions I would wish to make. Would you mind cutting out the reference to Ramsay MacDonald on page 4. The essential tragedy is that the poor old man knows that he is tragic. It is a terrible thing after such a long life of struggles nd success to realise that one is regarded by one's enemies as a traitor and by one's few friends as King Lear. I would not like him to feel that I had spoken (however sympathetically) of this aspect of his life ... the second point refers to my reference to King Edward. Could you possibly substitute for the word 'good' the word 'inevitable'? I do not feel that the abdication of King Edward was a good thing since I fear that it has shaken certain important legends and sentiments ...", 1 side 4to., 4 King's Bench Walk, EC4, 19th March

Item Date:  1937
Stock No:  39842      £175

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OLGA (1851-1926, Queen of George I of the Hellenes, eldest daughter of Grand Duke Constantine, granddaughter of Nicholas I of Russia, best friend of the dowager Empress Marie)

Fine Cabinet Portrait Photo, by P. Moraites & Co. Athens, boldy signed on the blank bottom margin, showing her three quarter length, in semi profile, wearing a dress with puffed upper sleeves and a contrasting trim, leaning her hand on the back of a chair, oval 6½" x 4¼", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1870
Stock No:  39993      £975

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