ANDERSON (Elizabeth Garrett, 1836-1917, Physician and Suffragist)

Final portion of an Autograph Letter Signed ('E. Garrett Anderson') to Mrs Edwards, with some text reading "so I speak from personal knowledge. I am sure you cd not be in better hands. She has no objection ... ask her to call upon you. I am Dear Madam, yrs faithfully ...", 2 sides 4½" x 3¼", no place, no date

She was the first woman to qualify in Britain as a physician and surgeon. She was the co-founder of the first hospital staffed by women, the first dean of a British medical school, the first woman in Britain to be elected to a school board and, as mayor of Aldeburgh, the first female mayor in Britain. She was also active in the women's suffrage movement. In 1866 she joined the first British Women's Suffrage Committee. She was not as active as her sister, Millicent Garrett Fawcett, though Garrett Anderson became a member of the Central Committee of the National Society for Women's Suffrage in 1889.

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