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BAKER (Josephine, 1906-1975, American Star of French Music Hall)

Autograph Christmas Greeting signed, inscribed and dated on the verso of a picture postcard showing a drawing of Piccadilly and the Park Lane Hotel, "Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year, Josephine Baker, 1963 ...", 5½" x 3½", no place,

Item Date:  1963
Stock No:  40740      £250

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BEATRICE (Mary Victoria Feodore, 1857-1944, Princess, Daughter & Companion of Queen Victoria)

Fine Cabinet photos by Hughes & Mullins, signed and dated showing her head and shoulders in an oval, 6½" x 4¼" Ryde, Isle of Wight, slight damage to the corners of the mount not affecting the photo.

Item Date:  1902
Stock No:  40765      £175

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BEATRICE (Mary Victoria Feodore, 1857-1944, Princess, Daughter & Companion of Queen Victoria) & Prince Henry Maurice of BATTENBERG (1858-1896, Colonel, Her Husband)

Superb pair of printed photos both signed, showing the couple three quarters length, the Princess is wearing her wedding dress with a cross around her neck, holding a fan and Henry is wearing uniform and standing next to a table with his helmet on it, each 9" x 3½" in mount 10¾" x 7¾", no place but Isle of Wight, dated by Beatrice 23rd July

Item Date:  1885
Stock No:  40779      £475

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BONE (Sir Muirhead, 1876-1953, Water-colour Painter & Etcher, War Artist)

Autograph Letter Signed to Lane POOLE (1889-1963, Historian, from 1913 Tutor, then Fellow at St John's College, Oxford, President, 1947-1957) saying that he is "sorry but a bad & sudden cold is keeping me in bed in my lodgings here and I am unable to get to my studio today & so fear I must forgo the pleasure of seeing you and your wife there as we arranged ...", 1 side 8vo., 1 Wellington Square, Oxford, 22nd February no year

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40768      £75

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BRETT (John, 1831-1902, Landscape Painter, Pre-Raphaelite)

ALS to Mrs Malleson saying that she is "one of those few who have believed in me these many years; a fact whereof I have always felt very proud; more so than I well know how to say. Any little circumstance therefore which would seem to justify your faith is intensely welcome ... In this light I value the associateship. It will now be my duty to take a share of the teaching in the schools and if either of your children should go to study there you know it will be a great gratification to me to devote to them the best I can do in that way. The last time we went to Camp Cottage you were all away ... We have now six babies all told and the latest still keeps his mother nearly always at home so you will be nearly sure to find her when you come. I hope I may be no less fortunate but to save me a disappointment you must stay to dinner and there will I hope be no reason for your returning to Wimbledon that evening ...", 3 sides 8vo., 6 Keswick Road, Putney, 30th January

Item Date:  1881
Stock No:  40799      £275

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