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CAGNEY (James, 1899-1986, American Actor)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed 'Jim' to 'Dear Anne' saying that "The piece on Ireland's film industry was excellent. I'm pleased [John] Huston is taking a hand as he has a driving ego that could get the boys and girls moving. The job that we did there was very efficiently handled and the technicians all did their work very well and very willingly. There was none of the 'that's not my department' that I could see. All pulled together ... had an English director who didn't know his behind from a tin bucket but he could do very little to hurt things. The direction was largely explicit in the writing which is as it should be and things moved along well. His name is Michael Anderson'. Haven't heard of him lately. The Cohan play is not going to be easy. I've had some scripts sent to me over the years which tried to capture the flavor of the man and his times and they were all sadly lacking in any real excitement. They say they have some great music which he had written but had never published. I sat at an audition in New York when a gal named Walsh sang the songs with the idea of doing a follow up on 'Y.D.D.'. None was worth the attempt. She sang them well too ...", 2 sides 4to., no place, Thursday, no date

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CARROLL (Lewis, Charles Dodgson, 1832-1898, Author of 'Alice in Wonderland')

Autograph Letter Signed in his characteristic purple ink, signed "C. L. Dodgson" to on of his child friends "My dear Mab", (Mabel Burton) saying that "That would be too late - people crowd in so after 10, that I like to come away about then ..." and hoping they will manage "some other day ...", 1 side 8vo., Christ Church, 24th June

Item Date:  1880
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CHARPENTIER (Gustave, 1860-1956, French Composer)

Autograph note in French, not signed, on his printed visiting card, 3½" x 2½", printed with his name and "Membre de l'Institut" and the address 66 Bould de Rochechouart, no date

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