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CHANTREY (Sir Francis Legatt, 1781-1841, Sculptor)

Autograph Letter Signed to Christopher Jeffrey a merchant in Peterborough telling him that his "bottle of Curacao is received - tasted and highly approved. It is excellent. Lime is sold in London in quantities called a Hundred - which quantity is equal to 18 bushels, therefore all the calculations have been made upon the quantity called a Hundred. Lime made from chalk. In my old form of Kiln 1 Chaldron or stone coal of Culm price 28/- burnt a Hundred of lime at the cost of 3/6 per Hd for fuel. Small coal (called Bean coal) was found to be rather cheaper producing more lime in proportion to its price which was 17/- per Chaldron when Culm cost 28/- but at this moment I don't remember the exact quantity produced by one chaldron of this small coal. In the first place, and before I say anything in favor of the present kilns I wish you to make such experiments as will enable to tell me at what cost for fuel you now burn one hundred or 18 bushels ... I will then give you further information - such as I hope may be useful & at any rate repay you for the Curacao. No matter what price you pay for fuel or what kind it may be - make your calculations upon the prices which I have given ... the prices of fuel & quantities of lime produced as stated above are taken from the kilns which Mr Whitbread used in the year 1828 before I had anything to do with - or knew anything of Lime ... burning & if I can do half a must for you I shall be happy ...", 2 sides 4to., with original autograph address leaf and seal, with pencil calculations in another hand on the blank leaf, no place, 10th December

Item Date:  1833
Stock No:  40383      £225

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COOPER (Thomas Sidney, 1803-1902, R.A., Animal Painter)

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir William TITE (1798-1873, Architect, President of the Royal Institute of British Architects, MP) telling him that he begs "to say my picture is sold. It was painted to Commission ...", 1 side 8vo., no place, 29th April

Item Date:  1848
Stock No:  40394      £150

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