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HARDY (Thomas, 1840-1928, Novelist & Poet)

Fine Typed Letter Signed 'T. Hardy' to Geoffrey Lepage saying that he appreciates "the request you make in your letter of 26th. Unfortunately I am compelled to reply that it is quite beyond my physical powers nowadays to read and estimate the respective merits of any pieces of modern fiction by young writers, as Adjudicator of the Magazine Prize even supposing I were capable in other ways. I trust you may discover a fit person for the decision and am, Yours truly ...", 1 side oblong 8vo., Max Gate, Dorchester headed paper, together with a photograph from a magazine, 28th September

Item Date:  1923
Stock No:  36326      £975

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HOLMES (Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894, American Writer)

Fine collection of six Autograph Letters Signed to James McCARROLL (1814-1892, Canadian Journalist, Poet, Musician and Inventor, in particular popular for his poems and comic letters in the Irish brogue) and one printed letter from Dr. Holmes in the third person with autograph additions, Holmes commends his verses and McCarroll's last book of poems 'Madeline', 1889, with a copy of 'Madeline' inscribed by McCarrollto his stepson Henry W. Dolmage, four letters have autograph envelopes to addresses in Canada, New York or Chicago, with two separate autograph envelopes, and a checklist, together 16 sides 8vo., 6 envelopes and McCarroll's 'Madeline', Boston or Beverly Farms (on Massachusetts' North Shore), neatly mounted together in a small volume, then encased with the book in a red cloth box and slipcase

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  36145      £2250

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