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HALL (Henry, 1899-1989, Bandleader of the Thirties)

Fine Vintage portrait photo signed, and inscribed "To the Royal Marines Band H.M.S. George V" and dated, showing him head and shoulders full face, 8" x 6", no place,

Item Date:  1942
Stock No:  40104      £75

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HELEN (Princess of Serbia and Yugoslavia, 1884-1962, Daughter of King Peter I of Yugoslavia and Princess Zorka of Montenegro, wife of Prince John Constantinovich of Russia)

Fine Photo Signed "Helene" showing her three quarters length, standing and looking over her shoulder, 8" x 6" max in an oval, no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1920
Stock No:  40156      £1275

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HUXLEY (Sir Julian Sorrell, 1887-1975, Zoologist & Philosopher)

Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Henderson "venturing to send you a copy of my first book, of which I have just had some advance copies sent me (proud moment for a budding author!) ..." , he continues that he does not expect her to read it "but only that you accept it as the only thing I have at present to offer in return for all your kindness to me at West Park - a tangible memento. Also, i discovered on reaching Liverpool that my fountain pen was missing. It is of no particular consequence as it is both old & cheap, but if you should happen to see it lying about, I should be much obliged if you could send it to me here. It is a 'Blackbird' ..." with a postscript that he has also left his address book behind, 3 sides 8vo., 27 Westbourne Square, London, 16th September

Item Date:  1912
Stock No:  40098      £125

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