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KARSH (Yousuf, 1908-2002, Armenian-Canadian Photographer known for his portraits of notable individuals)

Fine Self portrait photo signed and inscribed “For David Hughes, with the good wishes of...”, with his studio stamp on the verso, 10” x 8”, no place,

Item Date:  1981
Stock No:  42480      £175

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KEBLE (John, 1792-1866, Theologian, Founder of the Oxford Movement)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed with initials to”My dear Brother,” listing three requests ”1. Will you meet the Bp at luncheon here on Saturday. 2. Can you come on Wednesday week to hear a Crimean Chaplain talk in the School Room for S.P.G. at 7 p.m., Tea or some such meal will be here at 5. 3. Wd you mind writing to the Revd Wm David, Training School, Exeter, with the particulars of the Otterbourne School, & asking him if he can recommend any one? It wd take me perhaps some time to find the paper with the particulars...”, 2 sides 8vo., H.[ursley] V.[icarage], 25th February

Item Date:  1826
Stock No:  42466      £145

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KELLER (Helen, 1880-1968, Deaf & Blind American Writer, Lecturer & Scholar)

Fine Typed Letter Signed to Mr Calhoun, saying that she is “reaching out for your friendly hand in my effort to help the blind who have ability and the will to make something of themselves. It is not surprising in these days of curtailed budgets and lean subscriptions that the handicapped should be the first to suffer. As a result of inadequate support the American Foundation for the Blind is finding it extremely difficult to provide scholarships for sightless applicants, and I am writing to you in their behalf. Experience shows that even the blind most eager for higher education cannot attain it without much practical aid. They are so handicapped throughout life that they cannot shift for themselves. Their only way to forget blindness is through knowledge and work, and the circumstances in which they are placed are so complicated, they easily miss their few chances of usefulness. I went to college myself, and I know the heavy odds against which blind students must fight. Step by step they must prove their ability in a world which often does not believe that they can do anything at all. For this purpose they need a friend.... Try to imagine the cruel disappointment you would feel if you knew you had mind and energy, and could not use them to overcome a harsh fate even partially for want of practical help...”, 1 side A4, American Foundation for the Blind, headed paper, 15 West 16th Street, New York, 28th May

Item Date:  1935
Stock No:  42477      £1750

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KEMBLE (Frances Anne, Mrs Pierce Butler, 1809-1893, Shakespearean Actress)

Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Walker saying that she has had a “sort of gouty turning in my conscience ever since I gave the lines I gave you - to Beauty for his Temple Bar. I feel as if I ought to have asked your permission before publishing them for I wrote them for you & not for the Public - your kind acquiescence in what I have done rather increases my remorse - you are very good to have written to me so kindly about it. I hope I may have the pleasure of seeing you...”, 3 sides sm. 8vo., 26 Hereford Square, “Tuesday 18th” no date

Item Date:  1880
Stock No:  39422      £125

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KEMBLE (Charles, 1775-1854, Actor)

Autograph Letter Signed to “My dear Friend” thanking him for “the opportunity afforded me of reading letters which breathe so wholesome a spirit of Piety and Resignation to the will of God; in him I trust that the example they afford may not be thrown away upon me! I return you the letters because you may wish to preserve them and sincerely condole with your Friend and his family on his sad bereavement - I hope to see you shortly, in the mean time I send my best love to your Fireside...”, 2 sides 8vo. 10 Park Place, 6th April

Item Date:  1848
Stock No:  42465      £125

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