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NAPIER OF MAGDALA (Robert Cornelis, 1810-1890, Field-Marshal, from 1868 1st Baron)

Autograph Letter signed "Napier of Magdala" to Lord Wharncliff saying that "the enclosed may help you in your visit to Tel El Kabir. Kindly give it to the Hold Keeper when you have donw with it & he will send to me on my return ...", 2 sides 8vo., no date but annotated in another hand as

Item Date:  1868
Stock No:  41117      £75

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Long Autograph Letter in Persian with an identification in another hand that it relates to the Nawab of Oudh saying that they "went and we met Liyard John Taylor and the son of prince in Holder Matson. Lady Esterkford and Mr Moory were in this ceremony as described in the first paper. This night was the night of dance and songs. In the morning, we were going to go hunting. I told to Liyard to come with us, because I didn't had this experiences. Liyard was busy and he didn't accept my request. Esterkford also told me: staying at home beside the heater is better than go for hunting. At this moment, it was just snowing. John Taylor London came back and he was at the entrance of home, so I cancelled hunting because of the snow. Mr Webster, Mr Moory, the son of Taylor and some other young man went for hunting. They went to the thicket and ambushed and started shooting but suddenly a bullet hit the Moory's eye and he fell. They took him to the house and the house got crowded. Liyard went to take Cantry Thomas Merry and he brought him. The son of prince London came back with a physician from the city of Ridden. He told us take Moory to London and they took him tomorrow to London. Thanks God that we didn't go hunting due to the snow. Otherwise, it might have happened to us and we might be injured or killed. His eye doesn't see very well and his body is much weakened. I guess his sexual organs don't work too. I felt sickness in Holder Matson. I had headache and lots of pain in my body. When I came to London, I had shiver. Yesterday, I took a cathartic. Today I eat Kane-Kane. I feel worse to hearing from my sister. God give us the good child. May God keep you safe and sound and bless you and hope always be under the protection of God. I don't know when you will come back to my city. Send my regards to my sister and kiss your kids. Good bye. Azghandeh ...", 2 sides 8vo., no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  41086      £275

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[NEHRU (Jawaharlal, 1889-1964, India's First Prime Minister)]

Unsigned Press Photo annotated on the verso "Highest of High Brahmins. Jawaharlal Nehru ... is one of the highest of the High among the Brahmins. He is a Kashmiri Brahmin, one of those who have preserved their Brahmin culture despite heavy pressure from conquering Muslim invaders. They are the best educated class in India ...", the image shows him seated on a fine dappled black and white horse, 9" x 7", no place, 2nd June

Item Date:  1946
Stock No:  41137      £175

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[NEHRU (Jawaharlal, 1889-1964, India's First Prime Minister)]

Unsigned Press Photo from the Associated Press annotated on the image. "First Lady and Visitor Mrs John F. Kennedy walks arm-in-arm with Prime Minister Nehru of India as they engage in close conversation as they walk on the White House lawn after landing in a helicopter from Andrews Field ... Nehru had flown from New York ...", 10" x 8", Washington, 6th November no date but

Item Date:  1949
Stock No:  41138      £175

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[NEHRU (Jawaharlal, 1889-1964, India's First Prime Minister) and MOUNTBATTEN (Earl Louis of Burma, 1900-1979, Admiral of the Fleet)]

Unsigned Press Photo from Keystone Press annotated on the verso, "Silver Jubilee Convocation at Delhi University,. Earl Mountbatten confers Degree on Pandit Nehru ... Doctor of Letters ...", 8" x 6", Delhi, 13th March

Item Date:  1948
Stock No:  41143      £150

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