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PITT (William, 'The Younger', 1759-1806, Prime Minister)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to "my Dear Lord" saying that he has had a letter "from Ireland from Mr Craddock desiring me to intercede with whoever should be Lord Lieutenant to continue him as Aide de Camp. He has that sort of claim on me which arises from Colle ge Acquaintance, which would make me very glad if his application could conveniently be complied with. Your Brother, however tells me you had named him as a Person for whom you meant to make some ... Provision. Will you have the Goodness to let me know what sort of answer I should return - I should of course wish to show him that I have not neglected his application but whatever you intend for him must on every account come from yourself - I hope you will not imagine I mean to multiply solicitations for your Patronage, but I cannot always avoid mentioning such as I receive, merely that I may return a proper answer ...", he continues with another application before telling him that "The Bishop of London is dead, and the Bishop of Chester succeeds him. I hold Chester clearly engaged to Dr Cleaver. But at the same time this may bring me into inexpressible embarrassment, as two Oxford Bishops have been made together, and this is a Cambridge town. All I wish is that it should not be filled up immediately and when you return to town, we may consider whether any solution can be found for the difficulty. At all events you may be assured I can wish no arrangement but such as shall be entirely to your satisfaction and Dr Cleaver's ...", 3 sides 4to., Hollwood, 5th November

Item Date:  1787
Stock No:  40108      £575

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PITT (William, 'The Younger', 1759-1806, Prime Minister)

First Four Pages of a long Autograph Letter to "my Dear Lord" saying that he has "this instant received the King's Answer to the letter which I wrote to Him on the unfortunate subject of the Lt Colcy vacated by Col Gwynne in which I represented to Him as earnestly as possible the Inconvenience which I apprehended from his proposed Arrangement. I am truly sorry to say that He seems thoroughly determined not to yield on the Point of the Lt Colcy, but He agrees not to hurry the Conclusion of the Business, and points at the Proposal of an Exchange with Col. Fawcett, as what He conceived to be your Object for Col Nugent. It is difficult to say why this Point has been originally so strongly taken up by the King, but He had gone so far in holding out a Majority of Dragoons to Garth (which on his first plan would have been vacated by Taylor's accepting the Lt Colcy) that I am sure no Consideration will now induce Him to agree to any other Arrangement but that of substituting some other Majr in Taylor's Room. I cannot say a word to justify this arrangement, but where he has a Point so much at least as this appears to be especially at this Time, I hope and trust you will go as far as on this material consideration you think possible,to give Way to It I really flatter myself that the exchange with Fawcitt will furnish a Solution for this very distressing difficulty, and as by that means Col Nugent will not appear to have been passed by. You may be enabled to agree to the other arrangement, as one where the King's Personal Wishes are concerned and which therefore you will not obstruct. This line is surely perfectly consistent with your Credit and Dignity, and if it is so, I trust for all our sakes, and for that of the Public, you will not allow yourself to be actuated by any Resentment on account of these Circumstances in this transaction, which might otherwise naturally enough provoke it. I have settled with Sir George Yonge that a Lt Colcy ... may be immediately vacated for Fawcitt, and there will I am persuaded be no difficulty in giving him the Rank of Col. at the same time ...", 4 sides 4to., Hollwood, 12th April

Item Date:  1789
Stock No:  40116      £425

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