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VICTORIA (1819-1901, Queen of Great Britain)

Fine early signature taken from a document, "Victoria R", with "Our Will and Plea..." printed on the front and some text on the verso mentioning the ninth year of her reign and Prince Albert, 5" x 3¼", no place, no date but

Item Date:  1846
Stock No:  40063      £140

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[VICTORIA (1819-1901, Queen of Great Britain)]

Fine Menu for 'Her Majesty's Dinner' in gold, red, blue and green, beautifully lithographed with a view embracing Windsor Castle and St George's chapel from across the Thames, the royal arms above between elaborately decorated V and R, in a frame with oak leaves and roses, with the French bill of fare printed in an attractive font imitating handwriting, a choice of 14 relatively light dishes in 5 courses plus sideboard of three roasts including venison (no doubt from the park), 8¾" x 5¾", [Windsor], for Thursday, 14th May

Item Date:  1874
Stock No:  40059      £475

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[VICTORIA (1819-1901, Queen of Great Britain)]

Printed Ticket of Admission to the Royal Chapel of St. George for the funeral service of Queen Victoria, addressed to Miss Geraldine Liddell and marked Reserved, issued by the Earl Marshall of England, with his blind-embossed arms, also marked "No Admittance after 12.45", 1 side 3¾" x 4¾" black-edged, Windsor, for 2nd February

Item Date:  1901
Stock No:  40057      £175

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VICTORIA (1840-1901, Empress Frederick of Germany, wife of Frederick III, eldest child of Queen Victoria & mother of Kaiser Wilhelm II)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Curtis at St. Anne's Cottage, Bellevue Road, Staines, signed 'Ever Yrs most sincerely V C Pss & Pss Royal' , saying "One line of sincerest thanks for all the things you have sent the children as a remembrance of their much loved Minny! I cannot tell you how painful it was to come back here and go into her room! ... sitting in her chair ... an intense longing to see her again came over me! ... How sorry she would have been had she known that our dear faithful dog 'Bag' - who belonged to our darling Waldemar", (1868-1879, her youngest son), "and ever since then to Victoria, died 3 days ago! This intelligent affectionate animal was so fond of Minny & she of him! ... How touching dear Minny should have thought of every one, - and have selected all those souvenirs ... so like her dear kind self", she says of herself "My eyes are still rather weak" and ends "Thank you for those Photographs from Hills & Saunders", with autograph envelope headed 'By Royal Messenger', forwarded by post from London S.W. on 24th April, the letter 5 sides 8vo., crowned embossed monogram 'VAML' in colours, Neues Palais, Berlin, 22nd April

Item Date:  1882
Stock No:  55263      £525

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VITTORIO EMANUELE II (1820-1878, first King of Italy) & Camillo CAVOUR (1810-1861, Prime Minister of Piedmont, President of the Council of Ministers and the architect of Italian unity)

Finely penned Document signed, in Italian with translation, with autograph subscription, to his Majesty the King of the Two Sicilies FERDINAND II (1810-1859, King of the Two Sicilies from 1830 until his early death in 1859) informing him of "the new and terrible disaster I fulfil the sad office of notifying it to Your Majesty! My beloved Consort, Her Majesty Queen Maria Adelaide of Sardinia, Archduchess of Austria, rendered her kind soul to God on the evening of the 12th of this month after a brief but cruel illness occurred after the first days of her puerperium. May Your Majesty understand in what desolation I am left by the loss of a bride who, with her sweet manners and her angelic virtue formed my joy, the happiness of the family and the admiration of the whole nation ...", countersigned at the foot by CAVOUR, 1 side folio, with original envelope, Turin, 30th January

Item Date:  1855
Stock No:  40041      £575

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