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WARREN (Samuel, 1807-1877, F.R.S., Q.C., M.P., Lawyer, Novelist and Legal Writer)

Autograph Letter Signed to Revd T. W. Edwards, saying that “As a Welshman, I shall feel great pleasure in seeing my name among the patrons of your contemplated Eisteddford, but I entertain doubts whether it will be in my power to attend. If I can, I will and I wish your undertaking splendid success...”, 1 side 8vo., Inner Temple, 24th October

Item Date:  1849
Stock No:  42635      £65

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WATTS (George Frederic, 1817-1904, O.M., R.A., Painter and Sculptor)

Autograph Letter Signed to “Dear Lady Aberdeen” saying that he doesn’t “care as a rule very much about what is thought of my work regarded as picture making but I do greatly care about my intention being understood & I am greatly pleased by your recognition of what I have sought to convey by my picture. Progress. I am sorry I can’t beg your acceptance of the picture, I never should have taken a penny for work of that class (that direction of object,) but i have never been any thing but a Working Man! I really don’t know where the Photograph Rachel showed you is to be found but I think Mr Hollyer of Pembroke Square Kengsington probably took it & will have prints of it...”, 2 sides 8vo., Limnerslease, Guildford, 22nd April

Item Date:  1904
Stock No:  42662      £125

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WELLS (H. G., 1866-1946, Novelist)

Signature mounted onto a magazine photo showing him head and shoulders, the picture 8” x 6”, the signature 2” x 1¾”, no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  42661      £100

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WEST (Dame Rebecca, 1892-1983, Novelist, Journalist, Biographer and Critic)

Fine Typed Letter Signed ‘Rebecca W.’ to Diana MARR-JOHNSON (1908-2007, Social Advocate, Novelist and Playwright, niece of Somerset Maugham), apologising for not having written earlier “to thank you for that most consoling lunch. But I had another memorial service, and then Henry got gout, and I was given a new drug for a minor ailment which produce a major one, as I was allergic to it. But I have felt so grateful to you. Not only was I deeply fond of Pamela, but the thought of how much happier she might have been if things had gone differently, and how little I had seen of her lately, for stupid reasons (my being in American when she was here, and t’other way round) - all this depresses me, and you lifted the weight. It occurs to me that I may have sounded rather vague about the trustee business, and that it may interest you. The trustee business, I mean, that had made me see that Liza couldn’t do anything but what she did. About fifteen years or so or more I was named as trustee of a trust fund by a woman who died leaving an adopted child, whom she had named as beneficiary of the trust fund... My co-trustee was an inoffensive solicitor of good repute. My solicitor discovered that the dead woman had induced this solicitor of hers to advance her money out of the trust fund which she had no right to have. My solicitor then explained to me that I must sue this solicitor, unless he replaced the money, because if I left matters as they were the adopted child would have the right to sue me for negligence, and so would her heirs! - and in time the sum claimed might be quite large, with interest added to it...”, 2 sides 8vo., Ibstone House, Ibstone headed paper, 27th June

Item Date:  1967
Stock No:  42637      £225

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WHYTE-MELVILLE (George John, 1821-1878, Scottish Novelist & Poet)

Autograph Letter Signed to his publisher ‘My dear Chapman’, saying that he will “be on the move in about ten days. If they have printed all or any part o. ‘Roy’s Wife’ I had better correct it before I go...”, 1 side 8vo., 22 Onslow Gardens, S.W., 4th August, no year, circa

Item Date:  1878
Stock No:  42636      £75

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