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DE LA MARE (Walter John, 1873-1956, Poet and Novelist)

Collection of Three Autograph Letters Signed, two to Sir Michael SADLER (1861-1943, Historian, Educationalist and University Administrator) and one to his wife Mary, Lady Sadler, the first says that he thinks "perhaps John Keats would be the best title for the lecture: it would give the most freedom, & I could centralise on any particular aspect of the subject, if this course suggested itself. May I say what a pleasure it is to me to hear the praises that are greeting your son's novel. I have not read it yet but am anxious to do so and wish it every possible success ...", 2 sides 8vo., 10th March, the next says that it is "exceedingly kind of Lady Sadler & yourself to invite me to say a second night. But is a rather important that I shall be in London on Saturday ... if there is a night train on Friday I think I had better go by that. But I am most grateful. I will enquire nearer the day about the morning train to Leeds & send you word, but with your clear directions any one with even less sense of direction than myself could find their way so please let me make my way to the University & do not trouble about the taxi or to meet me. I wish a little less stupid self had been preparing this lecture ... It is good to hear that you approve of the English Asscn lecture ...", 4 sides 8vo., 29th April and the third letter is to Lady Sadler saying that he "reached home about 8 o'clock yesterday morning after a fairly comfortable journey thanks chiefly to those delicious buns. It had been such a very pleasant visit; & I am more grateful than I can say, to you & to Sir Michael for all your kindness. Indeed 'The Return' ... if you should find the time & patience to read it, it will be giving real pleasure to its author. I am wondering from what dreadful raw & overweaning ... the interviewer has put into the Yorkshire Post a craving for the lecturer! Now I can boast that my life's sum of happiness has suddenly been increased by about thirty honors - and I have not yet begun to console myself with the Bottle! I am sending 'China' ... and also an ancient copy of an ancient novel, who hasn't yet recovereed from his astonishment at that immense audience. If Keats could have caught a glimpse of it a hundred years ago, he would, perhaps, have thought a little better of the the Public ..." with a postscript that he has left behind his "old leather toilet case for razors etc, would the maid, if she finds it, very kindly send this on ...", 4 sides 8vo., 8th May, all from 14 Thornsett Road, Anerley, London, March to May

Item Date:  1921
Stock No:  40546      £975

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DE MORGAN (William Frend, 1839-1917, Artist, Inventor and Author)

Autograph Letter Signed to "Carissima Margot" saying he "must have "showed my hand for you to find out what I most wanted of all things - that beautiful soap! The very first time I used it, my hand became like that of a court lady - that soft and white, with filbert nails like any portrait in a gallery! I shall always think of the donor when I wash the happy recipient of this birthday gift. T, the patient has just had some champagne, and goes on well - but it was an awful joab to get the cork out ...", 2 sides 4to., addressed at the head "10 + 10 + 10 + 10 +10 + 10 + 10!", 16th November

Item Date:  1909
Stock No:  40544      £475

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DÍAZ DE CONTRERAS (Martin, Secretary of the Holy Office of the Inquisition)

Fine Document Signed in Spanish with Translation, being a Warrant for payment to a Messenger of the Inquisition stating "We, the Inquisitors against heretical depravity and apostasy in these kingdoms and provinces of Peru, Tucuman, Paraguay and Chile, who reside in this most noble and most loyal city of Los Reyes, by apostolic authority etc. command you, the Licentiate Juan de Robles, priest, Receiver General of this Holy Office, that from whatever property and finances which there may be under your control, pertaining to this said Holy Office, you give and pay to Antonio Tamayo, messenger of this Inquisition, eighty three pesos, two tomines and eight granos, assayed, for the third of his salary ...", 2 sides folio, Los Reyes, 9th January

Item Date:  1625
Stock No:  40589      £3750

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Archive of 7 Autograph Letters and 5 Typed Letters Signed "Dickie" to Dennis WHEATLEY (1897-1977, Novelist) the first says he is "very sorry indeed to hear of the rotten time you have been having since February and of that bad ten days in Madrid. Joan must have been very worried. I have never had pleurisy but can imagine it is no fun! ...", 3 sides folio, 7 sides 4to., and 11 aides 8vo., 39 Hyde Park Gate and Air Ministry headed paper, 20th March 1955 to 23rd February

Item Date:  1958
Stock No:  40564      £750

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