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FERDINAND I (Prince Maximilian Karl Leopold Maria of Saxe-Coburg, 1861-1948, 'Foxy Ferdinand', King (Tsar) of the Bulgarians) and his first wife Princess MARIE LOUISE of Bourbon-Parma

Fine Imperial cabinet photo by J. Lowy dated "20 Avril 1893" showing the couple head and shoulders, she is looking straight at the camera and he is in profile looking over her shoulder, 8" x 5", no place but Lucca, 20th April

Item Date:  1893
Stock No:  40167      £450

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FERRIER (Kathleen Mary, 1912-1953, Singer)

Autograph Letter in pencil Signed to Miss Hillidge she asked to be excused for the pencil "but my pen has just run out. I have discovered it is best to come Carlisle to Crewe to Chester to Runcorn. The 1.40 from L'pool is no longer running I was told here so I had better not risk it. I shall arrive (D.V.) in Runcorn at 2-6pm. Thankyou for the programme ...", 2 sides 8vo., 2 Frognal Mansions, Hampstead, 18th December filing holes not affecting the text

Item Date:  1942
Stock No:  40145      £375

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FOX (Charles James, 1749-1806, the famous Whig orator, opponent of Lord North over America, friend of the Prince of Wales)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to GRENVILLE (Lord William, 1759-1834, Prime Minister) thanking him for his letter and remarking that "if political transactions put one out of humour with many, they make one love the few who do act & think right so much better better that it is some compensation. I understand a messenger is just going by whom I send this letter, he will bring you others from whence you will learn that your Brother is going Ld Lieut to Ireland ...", George Nugent-Temple-Grenville, 1st Marquess of BUCKINGHAM (1753-1813, Statesman), "If you go with him as secretary, I hope you will be so good as to endeavour to serve my friend Dickson who by this change has for the third time missed a Bishoprick. I called upon your Brother yesterday and left with him the letters that passed between you & me, explaining that it was at your desire that I did. I was very glad to have your authority ... I was very much inclined to take it even of my own when I was supposed he was to be my Successor, now that he knows the whole of the transaction, if he still choses (as I fear he will to go into this den of Thieves, neither your nor I have any thing to answer for. If this transaction had been witheld from him, he might have had reason to complain of me but much more of you. I have not heard from him since he has been au fait. His expressions both to me personally & to the party were so kind that I am far from considering him as lost, but wether he is or not and whatever part your situation may make it right for you to take in Politics, I shall always depend upon your friendship & kindness to me as perfectly unalterable ... that most contributes to keep up my spirits in this very trying situation ...", 3 sides 4to., Grafton Street, 13th July

Item Date:  1782
Stock No:  40107      £475

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FOX (Charles James, 1749-1806, the famous Whig orator, opponent of Lord North over America, friend of the Prince of Wales)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to GRENVILLE (Lord William, 1759-1834, Prime Minister) saying that he "will not wonder at my being harried too much at this moment to write you a detail of what has happened. I do assure you that the thing that has given me most concern is the sort of scrape I have drawn you into, but I think I may depend upon your way of thinking for forgiving me, though to say one can depend upon any man is a bold word after what has passed within these few days. I am sure on the other hand that you may depend upon my eternal gratitude to you for what you have undergone on my account, and that you always must have the greatest share in my friendship & affection. I do not think you will think these [less] valuable than you used to do. I have done right. I am sure I have. The Duke of Richmond thinks very much otherwise I will do wrong. I can not help it. I am sure my staying would have been a means of deceiving the Public & betraying my Party, & there are things not to be done for the sake of any supposed temporary good. I feel that my situation in the Country, my power, my popularity, my consequence nay my character ... but I have done right & therefore in the end it must turn out to have been wise. If this fail me, the pillor'd firmament is Rottenness and Earth's Base built on a bubble. adieu. your Brother disapproves too ...", 3 sides 4to., St James's, 5th July

Item Date:  1782
Stock No:  40112      £675

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FREDERICK II (The Great, 1712-1786, from 1740 King of Prussia)

Letter signed 'Frederic', in German translation, to "the Head Commissary of Stores Bein zu Jordan" saying that "His Royal Majesty of Prussia, our most gracious lord, regarding the liquidation submitted to the Military Department for the transport and expenses of 1,528 Wispel wheat cereals, which are enormously high and out of all proportion to the purchase price: the order is given to the Head Commissary of Stores Bein to buy in the area of Bromberg, Elbing and Marienwerder, as a transport via Pillau and Szczecin would cause horrendously expensive costs. The costs are 3 ½ Taler per Wispel, which on average is no advantage compared to a purchase. The Head Commissary Bein is informed that the transport via Pillau and Szczecin will not be approved ...", 1 side 4to., Potsdam 16th October

Item Date:  1777
Stock No:  39571      £750

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