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FILDES (Sir Luke, 1844-1927, Painter)

Postcard photo by the Rotary Photo Co., showing him head and shoulders in profile, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1905
Stock No:  40610      £75

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FORSTER (Edward Morgan, 1879-1970, Novelist & Essayist, Author of 'A Passage to India')

Fine Autograph Letter Signed ('E. M. Forster') to Sir Henry Denny thanking him for his "kind letter, and I shall be interested to hear of any developments as regards the Pageant. I fear though that my own sentiment is against any revival, while as regards the cinema-trade I can't help feeling that, as at present organised, it vulgarises whatever it touches, so that I hope that its help will be found unnecessary. These are just personal reactions, but I give them since you have been so good as to communicate with me on the matter. With kind regards to Lady Denny and yourself ...", 2 sides 8vo., together with a copy of the Pageant of Abinger programme and a note presumably by Denny that "E. M. Forster has given me a copy of his new book 'Abinger Harvest' ...", 19 Manchester Street, W1, 21st March

Item Date:  1936
Stock No:  40361      £375

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FRITH (William P., 1819-1909, Artist)

Autograph Letter Signed to Dr ALLCHIN (William Henry, 1846–1912, Physician and lecturer on comparative anatomy, physiology, pathology and medicine at Westminster Hospital) saying that he has heard from "my son Jack's wife ... that he is suffering very much from illness the nature of which she doesn't disclose but says that you have been consulted. Will you kindly spare a moment to tell me what is the matter? I hope my dear young friend that you & your charming wife have passed a merry Christmas & that you will also pass a prosperous & happy New year ...", 2 sides 8vo., 114, Clifton Hill, 30th December

Item Date:  1896
Stock No:  40600      £95

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