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FONTAINE (Joan, 1917-2013, Hollywood Actress, sister of Olivia de Haviland)

Fine Coloured Photo Signed showing her head and shoulders, looking slightly to one side, wearing an off the shoulder gown, 10" x 6¾", no place, no date together with the original envelope with the signed customs label addressed to Pete Harbour in Bolton, Carmel, 3rd September

Item Date:  1998
Stock No:  40754      £100

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FRANKLIN (Sir John, 1786-1847, Arctic Explorer & Navigator, Lost in search of North West Passage)

Autograph Letter Signed to his wife "My dearest Jane" Jane FRANKLIN (1791-1875, second wife of Sir John) saying that he thought that she "would like to hear from me this evening ... The Levee was less crowded than any I have been at though tolerably full and as you may suppose a large proportion of Naval Officers. The King said very little if anything to the people in general, however the one immediately before me, a Naval Captain, was particularly addressed and even called back after he had withdrawn a few paces, the circumstance caused me to stand a few seconds directly before the King - and when the Lord in waiting announced my name - he said, yes I know him, held out his hand and said how do you do, I see you are here or some such observation. The Duke of Sussex then nodded to me & asked me how I did - and one or two others, as I passed made a nod of recognition ... To Basil Hall I did not understand that he made any remark - in fact it was even a more hurried business than under George 4th as it well might be for the King had been that morning reviewing the regiments in the Regent's Park Barracks & at Knightsbridge and breakfasting with the Duke of Wellington before the Levee and did not arrive at the Palace before 2 and then had to change his dress from a Field Marshalls to an Admirals which he wore at the Levee ... He has been for three days successively reviewing the different regiments of the Guards ... it will be well if in doing so much he does not soon knock himself up. He looked however very well. It seems certain there will be no drawing room before teh 21st of August when the mourning will be over. The say the Naval promotion is to be out this evening. I shall therefore ... remain in Town till Friday to see what has been done. Adml Rodd took Beaufort to me in his carriage. I believe the King did not speak to him - at least the Adml did not tell us that he had done so. I am not sure whether the King called me Captain or Sir John. I was surprised by receiving a letter today from my brother James telling me that as his wife has not lately written ... or made any arrangement ... that he has decided on coming home to fetch her and that he has actually secured his passage in the Lady Nugent - which ship may be soon expected. I wrote to Sir Thos Brown to inform him of his intention and shall endeavour to see the Genl tomorrow. I think he will approve of James's determination if we may judge from the remarks he made ...", he ends with a little more news and "Love & Kisses to my dear little Eleanor", 3 sides 4to., with integral autograph address leaf and seal, 55 Devonshire Street, 21st July

Item Date:  1830
Stock No:  40743      £1750

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FREEMAN (Edward Augustus, 1823-1892, Historian)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Malleson sending a "cheque for £20 at my daughter's request. I hardly know what to say about advertising. I have done the whole of my own work without advertising, publishing lists of subscriptions, or anything of the kind. I have always disliked it and thought it ostentatious. Yet some say that it practically pays, and that the advertised subscriptions attract others. I have no kind of notion what it would cost. At any rate the repeated mentions of me might be all rolled into one and it should be made plain that it is merely gathered by me - not all my own giving. Where would you advertise if you do? The Times, I suppose. I have no practise in such things ...", 2 sides 8vo., Somerleaze, Wells, Somerset, 9th November

Item Date:  1876
Stock No:  40800      £125

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