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[LANGTRY (Lillie, 1853-1929, Lady de Bathe, English Actress, Mistress of Edward VII, 'The Jersey Lily')]

Fine unsigned albumen cabinet photo by Downey showing her three quarters length in a patterned dress with an apron holding a wooden brassbound bucket, 6½" x 4½", no place, circa slight spotting

Item Date:  1880
Stock No:  40795      £225

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LIDDON (Henry Parry, 1829-1890, Famous Preacher, from 1870 Canon of St. Paul's)

Long Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Dr POOLE', (Reginald Stuart, 1832-1895, Archaeologist, Numismatist and Orientalist) thanking him for his letter and wishing with all his "heart that the Electors to the Slade Professorship had known how to make the best of their trust. I did not know that you had been a Candidate for the Chair. Such a use of its opportunities as you suggest would have been, I apprehend, very legitimate, while there can be no doubt of the value of such a reinforcement of the higher religious teaching in a place like Oxford. May I say that I have often wished that it were possible for an English Egyptologist to rewrite Brugsch's 'Egypt under the Pharaohs ...' with a more explicit and detailed reference to the history of Israel than Brugsch has allowed himself, and also with more background to the facts - more assistance to the historic imagination - more literary finish? Your own book on the Cities of Egypt suggests what is wanted in this way. And the illustrations of, and support to the Old Testament, which would then be given, while dealing with an independent subject, would be more useful than a limited discussion of so much of the history of Ancient Egypt ... I met a friend today who has been staying with Max Müller ... who asked him what he thought of your article. The answer was, of course, complimentary: but Max Müller insisted on the great 'uncertainty' attaching to all ancient Egyptian chronology - when you get further back than B.C.1000. I hope to see him shortly, and shall then try to find out more accurately what he would definitely say ...", 7 sides 8vo., 3, Amen Court, St Paul's, 26th October

Item Date:  1887
Stock No:  40774      £125

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LIEBERMANN (Professor Felix, 1851-1925, German Historian of the sources of English Law pre- and post-Conquest)

Autograph Postcard Signed in English to Reginald Lane Poole, (1857-1939, Editor of the English Historical Review, Lecturer in Diplomatic at Oxford, 1896-1927), sending him "an extract from Zimmer's contribution to an encyclopaedia of many volumes which most likely would escape English readers. The extract is a lengthy one, but in small type would hardly fill one page. If you will print it, its English wants thoroughly to be corrected. If not please to return it ...", 10 Benderstraße, Berlin, postmarked 26th June, year not legible

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40767      £60

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