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SCOTT (Sir Walter, 1771-1832, Novelist & Poet)

Small fragment from an Autograph Letter not Signed a few words reading "this catastrophe was so recent that the prize ... eyes in the mirror from the sullied ruins in which it had taken place and the accusations against ...", 8" x ¼", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40562      £35

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SITWELL (Dame Edith, 1887-1964, Poet)

Fine autograph manuscript signed of her poem headed "Colonel Fantock (To Osbert and Sacheverel)" starting "Thus spoke the lady underneath the Trees / I was a member of a family / Whose legend was of hunting (all the rare / and unattainable brightness of the air) ..." and continuing almost exactly as the printed version but with a couple of small variations, 4 sides closely written 8vo., no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1959
Stock No:  40561      £1250

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SOAMES (Baroness Mary, born 1922, daughter of Sir Winston Churchill, wife of Christopher, M.P. and Life Baron)

Autograph Letter signed on a coloured postcard to an unnamed correspondent thanking them for their letter and saying that she "did get a video-cassette of the TFI program: How very shabby and mingy of Mons GOULEY not to have sent you one, AND a large case of champagne (or some other elegant attention!). I'm glad 'your' ... was all right & did not shame you! We are just finishing a blissful 10 days divided between Paris & la Normandie (including a visit to this fascinating place) ...", 1 side postcard with a picture of the kitchen in the Claude Monet Museum in Giverny, Giverny, 5th June

Item Date:  1982
Stock No:  40549      £75

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SOPHIE (Princess of Greece and Denmark, 1914-2001, Youngest daughter of Prince Andrew of Greece, elder sister of Prince Philip)

Fine Autograph Letter in French with Translation to Madame Virginie Kolp-Metaxa thanking her "wholeheartedly for your letter, all your kind wishes for the New Year, and for the birth of my little nephew Charles. I too wish you and your husband, good health and happiness for the year 1949! Let's hope that the so threatening clouds that surround us will finally disperse, and that peace becomes a reality in the world and no more a fiction. This spring, my visit to Greece was a great and deep joy, after 10 years of separation. It was a deep emotion to see my dear country again, and all the relatives and friends. I left my son Charles with the King and the Queen, and now he speaks fluent Greek! Since the 1st of September, we live here in Salem, because my husband has become the director of the school "Schloss Salem". We are very happy to live here in this beautiful place and close to my sister Theodora. My 2 oldest daughters are at school in England ... Theodora and I were in Montreux for a few days in January, where we visited our cousins Olga and Marina. It was a great joy to see them, and we laughed a lot together. My husband makes me telling you many things, and I send many messages to your husband ...", with a postscript apologising for writing in French as "Greek is unfortunately too shaky!", 4 sides 4to., with original autograph envelope, Salem, 15th February

Item Date:  1949
Stock No:  40577      £275

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STEPHEN (Sir Leslie, 1821-1904, First Editor of the Dictionary of National Biography, Father of Virginia WOOLF)

Pair of Autograph Letters Signed to Miss Merivale, daughter of the very Reverend Charles MERIVALE (1808-1893, Historian, from 1863 Dean of Ely) the first thanking her for "the book and the pamphlet ... I shall, I think, find in them everything that I require, but if anything occurs upon which I need more information I will apply to you. The short Life by the Dean of Ely seems to be written as if he had wished to provide for our requirements and it is not often that they are so well met. I will return the memoir & 'family memorial' as soon as I have finished. You know, I dare say, that a life in my dictionary has to be as compressed as possible, and I can give little beyond the bare facts. I will, however, do what I can. I shall never, I hope, forget your brother's exceeding kindness to Thackeray's children. There was no one whom they respected more and after my marriage, I shared some of the kindness & learnt to admire him. I shall be very glad, therefore, to show such respect to his memory as is possible ...", 3 side 8vo., the second letter thanks her for her note and says that he had "so far anticipated the suggestion that I had given in the beginning of your brother's life a short account of your father, derived from the interesting 'family memorials' wh. you kindly send me. The newspaper cutting will enable me to add a fact or two. I think that in this way I shall be able to give a sufficient notice, as I suppose that the 'Memorials' contain all the essential facts, and I think that the articles will be better combined than separated. I will send you a proof when I get one, ...", 2 sides 8vo., both from 22 Hyde Park Gate, 10th and 21st December

Item Date:  1891
Stock No:  40580      £275

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