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SARASATE (Pablo, 1844-1908, Spanish Violinist & Composer)

Small Autograph Musican Quotation signed consisting of a bar of music on a small piece of paper, 4" x 3", no place, 15th October

Item Date:  1899
Stock No:  39880      £225

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SARGENT (Sir Malcolm, 1895-1967, Conductor)

Fine signature, in blue ink, on card, 4" x 2", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  39850      £25

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SAURET (Émile, 1852-1920, French Violinist and Composer)

Autograph Musical Quotation signed and inscribed "yours very truly" with the place and date, consisting of a couple of bars of music ending with "etc", 1 side oblong 8vo., London, 4th November

Item Date:  1899
Stock No:  39851      £150

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SCOTT (Sir Peter Markham, 1909-1989, Artist, Ornithologist & Broadcaster, son of Robert Falcon)

Signature on card 5½" x 3½", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  39840      £15

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SEARLE (Ronald, 1920-2011, British Artist and Satirical Cartoonist)

Fine signature on an album leaf, 5" x 4", no place, no date

Item Date:  1954
Stock No:  39816      £25

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