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SCOFIELD (Paul, 1922-2008, Actor on Stage and Screen)

Autograph Postcard signed to Tõnis TATAR (born 1980, Estonian art historian , lecturer and translator) saying that he is "so glad that you have liked my performances on film,. I would have also liked you to see plays I have been in, in the theatre. Actually I love playing 'Uncle Vanya', & of course I was not at all Russian but hope that I played the character as Chekhov would have liked. Just as when a Russian plays 'Hamlet' he will not be English but can still be true to Shakespearean ...", 2 sides postcard, The Gables, Balcombe, W. Sussex, 20th August

Item Date:  2000
Stock No:  40664      £325

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SEARLE (Ronald, 1920-2011, British Artist and Satirical Cartoonist)

Fine Long Typed Letter Signed "Ronald" to "Dear Nick", fellow illustrator Nicholas BENTLEY (1907-1980, Artist and Author) saying that he "sorry that he had to suffer that gloomy TELEGRAPH piece - mostly written up from other people and other books. I didn't want to drag it up, anymore than I want 'academic recognition' – which is barmy. That is one of the reasons for the anonymous self-sending-up in the biographical notes of The Album. To remind anyone who sees it, that the stuff is meant to be satirical ..." he continues about his place in France "It is very pretty up here at 2000 feet and it feels isolated ... Try it if you ever get as far as Nice. There will be a warm welcome and a bottle of champagne burning in the window. As for leaving her for book promoting ... No thanks, unless it is really vital ... I wouldn't leave Monica alone (she is more than insecure after this last seven years of dragging the foot out of the grave) ... the ones we really want to see, make there way here eventually ... I don't have much energy any more ... I know that publicity helps to push a book. But as I have always refused to show up, everybody seems to have managed up until now. But I will turn over in my mind any possible suggestions I can think of to aid at a distance. Hope Leresche did tell me that the BBC-TV were going to show the 'Omnibus' thing again. Andre should try to persuade them that nothing could be better than running that hour to coincide with the book ...", 1 side closely typed folio, 83690-Tourtour (Var), France, 7th March

Item Date:  1978
Stock No:  40661      £175

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