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WALLACE (Edgar, 1875-1932, Thriller Writer)

Fine Typed Letter Signed "Edgar" to "Dear old friend", R. Arkell, at "London Calling", saying that he refuses to "register myself on any automatic and photographic machine. It's bad enough when the photographer takes care ...", 1 side A4, 31 Portland Place headed paper, 3rd May

Item Date:  1928
Stock No:  40613      £225

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[WILLIAM (Henry Andrew Frederick, 1941-1972, Prince of Gloucester, killed in a plane crash) and his brother Prince RICHARD(born 1944, Duke of Gloucester)]

Delightful Press Photo, showing him walking along a railway platform, full length, his head turned three quarter face to the left, holding a toy koala by its ear in his right hand and a suitcase in his left, walking next to him is their Nanny, in profile, smiling warmly at Prince Richard in her arms, 8½" x 4¾", no place, no date, circa two light creases at foot in dark foreground

Item Date:  1945
Stock No:  55589      £55

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WODEHOUSE (Sir P. G., 1881-1975, Novelist, Creator of 'Jeeves')

Fine Typed Letter Signed to "Dear Bert", (Herbert Haskins, a close friend who helped him during the War), thanking him for his letter and for a pen which "will come in very useful, as I now do my writing by hand and then type it. I am a bit worried about your position, now that you have had to leave your job owing to age, as it isn't always easy to find work when you are in the seventies. I am enclosing a spot of cash which will help you along for the moment. Do always let me know when you need money, as I have it in sackfuls. I am getting along with the new novel, but I got a shock the other day when I thought I should have to scrap all I had written and start over again with a different story. Fortunately I got an idea which made things all right. But writing is hard in the American summer. One gets quite used to days of over 90. The great curse is the humidity. Isn't it extraordinary how things have changed since we were young. My grandson has just nipped over from England for a ten days visit. It used to take about that long to get here by boat. Yesterday he and a pilot friend flew to a place called Nantucket, which by train takes about twelve hours ... I wish I could bring myself to fly, but I don't think I shall ever be able to. I flew the Channel once from Le Touquet and hated it. The animals are all well, though Jed the dachshund is putting on too much weight .... The two cats are flourishing and are still not on speaking terms. I wonder why cats never make friends with other cats ... I don't like the idea of being seventy-nine in October. The odd things is that I don't feel a bit older than I used to be, except that I have slowed up quite a lot. I have had some splendid notices of the Jeeves book, which is called Jeeves in the Offing in England ...", 2 sides 8vo., Remsenburg, N.Y., 31st August

Item Date:  1960
Stock No:  40614      £775

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WORDSWORTH (William, 1770-1850, Poet Laureate)

Excellent Autograph Letter Signed to "My dear Sir Robert" forwarding a letter "from the Revd Cuthbert Southey, our deceased friend's only son ... It proposes as you will see, that a Memorial should be presented in his behalf to the Lord Chancellor with a view to obtaining a living from his Patronage - As his Father's Genius and literary merits are universally known and admitted, I thought, and told my Young friend so in my answer, that instead of proceeding in the formal way he proposed, it would be better at least at first to make privately through some friend of his Father a representation to the Lord Chancellor in his favor - and I said further that I would write to you upon the subject in the hope that you might be able to serve him, or if not could give him advice. Mr Southey was educated by his Father, and went from him to Queen's College Oxford. He married very young and has three children. Upon his going into orders about 4 years ago the late Lord Lonsdale presented him to a Lectureship which his Lordship has recently attached to the Church of Wethermouth stipend £100 per ann. - this he still holds with a small sum besides ... a few miles distant but which obliges him to keep a horse from Wethermouth. I have nothing further to add than that my young friend is exemplary in discharge of his duties as a Clergyman and has also been eminently useful by establishing a School where it was wanted and by superintending it himself ..." with a postscript that as he has "said all that is necessary - I need not trouble you with Mr Southey's letter ...", 4 sides 8vo., Rydal Mount, 17th May

Item Date:  1846
Stock No:  40619      £5750

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WORDSWORTH (William, 1770-1850, Poet Laureate)

Fine signature with the end of an Autograph Letter Signed to James Heywood at Ambleside, saying he would "be glad of your judgement. Believe me with best Compts from my family ... your obliged Servant, Wm. Wordsworth ...", half of I side 8vo., Rydal Mount, Saturday, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40617      £775

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